Important advice in case a family member is infected with Coronavirus


The doctor specializing in the immune system, an expert in infectious diseases, Vladislav Jimshogov, called for a set of measures to be followed to protect the family if one of its members is suspected of having the Coronavirus.

Jimshogov explained that if there is a suspicion of a viral infection, or any family member has symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, headache, fever, and muscle pain, everyone should follow a preventive system at home to combat the epidemic.

He said that it is necessary to wear masks (masks) in common rooms and to ventilate the house.

He also stressed the importance of wet cleaning the floor of the house and wiping the furniture with an anti-virus disinfectant, twice daily.

He called for speeding up contact with the doctor and doing a “PCR” test for the symptom carrier, to confirm whether it infected him with Coronavirus or a cold.

Also, in order not to expose those in the home to the risk of contracting the virus, it is necessary, if possible, to allocate a separate room for the patient.

The expert in infectious diseases showed that there are many cases among his patients, where members of the same family could avoid infection from each other thanks to simple preventive measures.

Source: Novosti+ rt

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