A woman who nearly lost her life to artificial nails: you have to pay attention

artificial nails

A British woman has almost killed herself from blood poisoning after she accidentally lost an artificial nail that damaged her finger.

In the details published by the British Daily Mail, Mrs. Beth Rown said that she lost her artificial nail while caring for her own horse, and then only washed the wound without giving any attention to the accident, and after a few days, the 56-year-old woman’s finger turned in color. Red and throbbing, while the doctor prescribed her only antibiotics.

However, the finger continued to bother Brown, and the doctor’s attempts to open the wound were unsuccessful, and as a result, the woman developed sepsis, was urgently hospitalized, and underwent an emergency operation to clean and sterilize the wound.

Beth Rown

Brown spent three weeks in the hospital, during which she was using an antibiotic solution. Because of the spread of infection, doctors had to take a biopsy of her finger bone to prevent the development of osteitis.

Brown says she never believed that such an unimportant accident could lead to such dire consequences. She said I was warned that if I was in the hospital later, I might die. She also warned of the dangers of using artificial nails.

Now, she concluded, when I see women with very long false nails, I want to ask them to remove them; it is impractical and even dangerous, and I continued her conversation that almost cost me my love for false artificial nails, a finger and my life.


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