A girl who is lifting weights, at the age of 7 years


During her program “Sabaya Al-Khair” broadcast on the “An-Nahar” screen, the journalist Reham Saeed showed a video clip of the Canadian girl “Rory,” the weightlifting champion in the United States of America, in a weight category of less than 30 kg, for the age group of 13 years.

In a video sent by the child to the “Good Sabaia” program, she said that she does all kinds of exercises and receives great support from her father, who initially bought her weights for only one kilogram, until he was surprised her performance and bought her large weights.

“Rory” indicated that she is 7 years old and is practicing weightlifting in a superhero that enables her to compete with adults.

She mentioned that she spends four hours a week to train, and she has many fans who ask her to take memorial photos and write letters, noting that at the age of five, she participated in the gymnastics team, and her father challenged her to carry weights, but she won.

And she continued: “I saw a project in school about Cleopatra and learned a lot about Egypt, and Egypt is currently leading the news here after the Egyptian hero Big Rami won the Mr. Olympia championship, which is a superhero.”

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