A German pilot draws a syringe in the sky


The German pilot, Sami Kramer, drew in the sky a giant syringe to support the launch of the vaccination operation for the herd of “COVID-19” in Germany.

The painter pilot achieved his effectiveness last Wednesday while flying his Diamond DA20 Katana light aircraft to a distance of 200 km.

German newspaper Südkurier said that preparations for the event, made by the 20-year-old pilot, took only half an hour. As for the pilot, he was forced to stay in the air for one and a half hours.

“I have already inserted my path into the GPS navigation device,” the pilot said in an interview with the newspaper. “I like to draw something in the sky, including messages addressed to people.”

The pilot showed that its effectiveness is not an invitation to vaccination. However, he wanted to make people think about him before Christmas.

The German flight control department, Flightradar24, said that the effectiveness of the pilot, Sami Kramer, is not the first message related to the Coronavirus epidemic left by the pilots in the sky. And paint pilots before he had drawn in the skies of Germany a call to stay at home while quarantining.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda+ rt

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