13 injured in the fourth explosion in 48 hours in Kabul


At least 13 people were injured in an explosion in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Ministry of Health said Monday, the fourth in the past 48 hours.

And Saturday, the Afghan capital was hit by 3 separate explosions, which resulted in deaths and injuries among police and civilians.

Kabul police spokesman Firdaus Varamarz said that a bomb planted on a bicycle exploded in the city’s seventh police district.

Pictures released by local media showed a minibus with broken windows.

The bus was carrying employees from the National Statistics and Information Authority, according to what was confirmed by a spokesperson for the authority.

It is noteworthy that explosions and killings targeting specific people have become regular in Kabul in recent months.

Afghan Vice President Amarullah Saleh, who took over the security sector in Kabul two months ago, said the number of police force personnel in Kabul would be doubled.

In a statement at the time, the police said, “The explosion occurred in Pul Sukhta, in the sixth district of the capital, Kabul.”

The terrorist attacks killed 13 Afghan police officers when the militants attacked two checkpoints last month.

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