10 most unusual people in the world


From Jeff Dabe, the human “Popeye,” to Nyakim Gatwech, the very dark-skinned model …

Popeye in real life.

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His name is Jeff Dabe, but everyone calls him “Poppy.” Take a look at his arms, and you will understand why! This American farmer has such strong and muscular arms that he reminds us of the famous animated character.

But how did this man manage to have such large arms? You’ll tell me he might eat a lot of spinach, but in reality, Jeff was born this way; there’s a deformity behind his big hands and gigantic forearms 49 cm in circumference!

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Surprisingly, however, our friend decided to use his limbs’ exceptional size to participate in arm-wrestling competitions. Of course! Jeff made his arm-wrestling debut in 1980 and won quite a few titles.

However, he had to quit in 1986 following an injury to his right arm. But since 2012, Jeff has resumed arm wrestling competitions, this time using his left arm. Well then! It would have been a shame not to keep using it!

Snowman: A truly extraordinary person

Source: CBC

Let me ask you a question: What do you think is the ideal water temperature for swimming?
Wim Hof will answer 0 ° C without hesitation! Don’t be too surprised because this 61-year-old Dutchman can swim under the pack ice and float among the blocks of ice for over an hour!

And out of the water, our friend can walk at an altitude of 6,000 meters, without oxygen and wearing only shorts! This extraordinary ability has earned him the nickname “Iceman” or “Ice Man.”

But where did he get his incredible resistance to the cold?

Well, Wim Hof invented a three-step method. The first step is to hyperventilate the body with heavy breathing for about 90 seconds.

Second, one should block the breath for as long as possible, and finally, one should practice meditation with normal breathing.

Source: CBC

Scientists who looked into Hof’s case also found that the “Ice Man” brain mobilizes an area that secretes molecules that can reduce pain perception and even elicit a bit of euphoria.

Likewise, the method we just told you about would also allow our friend to control the immune system in a way. In short! Arguably, Wim Hof ​​learned to control his body through the mind and raise his body temperature by controlling his nervous system.

A person too different from others.

Naturally, this allowed him to multiply his exploits filmed by cameras worldwide and break several Guinness World Record records.

Look like an elf! Why not!

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How far will you go to look like one of your favorite characters? Some people will have the same hairstyle, others the same dress style … But other people will go even further.

Luis Padron, a young Argentinian passionate about fairy tales and fantasy films, has done everything to look like an elf! These characters with long hair and long pointed ears have attracted the young man for a long time, so much so that the latter has devoted a few years of his life and tens of thousands of euros (if not more!) To achieve his goal.

Liposuction of the cheeks, rhinoplasty, botox, skin, and hair whitening. Also, a change in eye color, widow’s peak hair… Luis Padron had undergone various surgeries, but those transformations were far from over!

Well, he still needed a diamond-shaped face, pointed ears, and sharp canines. Also, Luis had planned to lengthen his legs a bit more and refine his figure by having 4 ribs removed! In short! One wonders if the young man will not regret all this one day.

Karan with tattooed eyes.


Everyone knows about skin tattoos, but… what about eye tattoos ?! Don’t be surprised, because it exists too! The scleral tattoo, or eyeball tattoo, is one of the latest tattoo trends.

The technique involves injecting ink into the “whites” of the eyes to dye them a different color, and this permanently. Karan, a professional tattoo artist of Indian origin, decided to get his eyes tattooed in black!

Although it attracts many people, the scleral tattoo is not without risks, and specialists warn against this practice considered dangerous for the eyes and the health. Infections, blindness, inflammation of the eyes … so many risks to be borne in mind …


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