New details about the Nashville bombing in America


According to what CNN reported, the US security services sources revealed that the investigation teams believe that a suicide bomber carried out the powerful bombing that rocked Nashville on Friday.

Also, CNN quoted the sources as saying on Saturday evening that the security services’ current data indicate that the bomber was killed in the accident.µ

Hundreds of federal and local police officers are taking part in the investigation of the explosion, which occurred on Friday, destroying several cars, causing damage to more than 40 companies, and leaving traces of destruction over a wide area.

Human body parts

On Friday, the US authorities found human remains at the site of the truck’s explosion in Nashville, which is likely to have been killed in the explosion, after fire officials said that 3 people were taken to hospital, but their injuries were not serious.

From Nashville (Associated Press)
From Nashville (Associated Press)

And local police in the US city of Nashville published a photo of the vehicle that exploded on Friday morning while crossing a city street.

Deliberate action

In a press conference, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said that the bomb exploded was deliberately planted in the truck, declaring an evening curfew in Nashville until Sunday.

At the same conference, the Nashville Police Chief clarified that we are examining all hypotheses to find out the causes of the explosion, confirming that body parts were found at the site, and continued: “We are checking whether they were human remains.”

The blast occurred in a vehicle used as a mobile home that could be used for camping, which was parked in the center of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee.

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