Joe Biden reveals 4 challenges facing the American people


US President-elect Joe Biden confirmed today, Monday, that the American people face several challenges, which he will act upon taking office in January.

In a tweet on Twitter, Biden wrote, “From Covid 19 to the economy, to climate change, to racial justice, four historical crises are facing our nation at the same time.”

“With the advent of January, there will be no time to lose, which is why my team and I are working hard to prepare to take action from day one.”

On the other hand, the US President-elect, Joe Biden, today called on outgoing President Donald Trump to sign a bill funding the government with 2.3 trillion dollars today and the aid package for those affected by the Corona pandemic. “Covid-19”.

In his remarks – Biden criticized Trump’s position by suspending approval of the aid plan until the last minute and not renewing vital aid such as unemployment benefits.

Biden said, “Here is the day after Christmas Day, and millions of American families still do not know whether they will be able to meet their needs due to Trump’s refusal to sign the aid package approved by Congress overwhelmingly by both parties, warning of dire consequences from Because of it.

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