Amazing videos recorded by elevator cameras


Everywhere we go, surveillance cameras, always there, ready to scrutinize and film our every move. Sometimes we pay attention to them and try to put on a good face, and … sometimes we completely forget that they are there, and our crazy side then takes over. The surveillance cameras of these elevators have immortalized incredible moments that will amaze you.

You will realize how the human being is full of surprises! Make yourself comfortable; here are the 15 most amazing sequences filmed by elevator cameras.

Video of a man too furious … against the elevator

Source: Youtube

In this video we see an apparently very angry man who keeps banging hard on the elevator doors. Despite the fact that his girlfriend is trying to stop him as best she can.

Did he want to pursue someone? Or did he just not want to wait any longer? In any case, he was not in his normal state!

Unfortunately, repeating his gesture several times in a row and each time louder and louder, the elevator doors finally gave way the moment he gave his last kick. Then the man slipped into the elevator shaft while the latter was at the bottom.

A delivery man is a little hungry

Source: Youtube

This pizza delivery boy must have had a hard time while he was delivering his order. We see him in the elevator quickly unpacking his pizza as soon as the doors close.

He stings anchovies or olives in them, swallows them then puts the pizza back in its box before the doors open again! Neither seen nor known… well… yes, because the cameras have seen everything!

Let off steam in the elevator


Source: Youtube

This young man probably needed to let off steam, except he didn’t choose the best place to get his nerves out! Punching an iron door, we’re not sure that’s a good idea!

Oops! he farts in the elevator

Source: Youtube

In this sequence, a man tries to play a joke on the occupants of the elevator by making them believe that he farts without any embarrassment and that he is unable to restrain himself.

The reaction of the people who are with him will be all the more surprising since they will be taken to giggles! A very embarrassing moment certainly, but luckily it was just a joke!

He lets off steam a little

Source: Youtube

This man seems to have found his child’s soul in this elevator, except that he will quickly become disillusioned and have the fear of his life. He is seen in the footage performing some sort of perilous stunt , climbing over doors, trying to balance. In short, we can see him playing the clown.

But the fun will not last long since when the elevator stops, surprise: the doors do not open and get stuck! Then panicked, he loses his cool, lashes out and tries by all means to open the doors.

Fortunately, after a few minutes he finally manages to extricate himself from the elevator. Phew more fear than harm! This is what happens when we did not play enough during our childhood!

Police officers celebrating in an unusual video

Source: Youtube

Be careful, you may never see such a crazy scene in your life again! The images recorded by this elevator camera are laughing out loud! They show how the police are first and foremost normal human beings, with their moments of madness and laughter !

The urge to dance suddenly seized this group of policemen as they climbed the elevator. But the most hilarious part of the story is that when one of their bosses walks in, everyone stopped and looked very serious again! Like what being a cop is not so boring!

A hidden camera: video in the elevator

Source: Youtube

The woman you see there is going to have one of the most appalling times of her life. As she was on the phone while waiting to go upstairs, the lights suddenly flash and the elevator shakes.

The glass breaks and we can see through it that the elevator has completely detached from its shaft until it has flown over the buildings. Fortunately it was all faking since a few hours before, a hidden camera team had installed a screen instead of the real glass.

The special effects were therefore wrong but yet so realistic! Well that will cost him a little session with the shrink and then everything will be fine!

Another video of a delivery man in  the elevator

Source: Youtube

Yet another pizza delivery man who ended up succumbing to a little craving for chorizo ​​between two floors. The most shocking part of the scene is that after stripping his pizza of all the pieces of chorizo, he roughly plunges his finger into it to put the sauce back in the empty spaces, a story that the customer sees only fire. ! Yuck… Not very inviting all that!

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