Treasure discovered by chance that made people rich

From a gold cup found in a field in England to 2,000 gold bars spotted in a truck in Iraq.
Here are 10 treasures that were discovered by chance!

Ringlemere’s Cup

Source: megalithic

Are you passionate about the stories of treasures buried and then found? So you’ve certainly heard of the Ringlemere Cup! This cup, which dates from the Bronze Age, is probably one of the oldest treasures ever found in the UK.

It was discovered in 2001 in England, more precisely in the Ringlemere tumulus located not far from the town of Sandwich, in Kent.

This is a 14 cm high gold cup, which has ripples on the surface. This object was found in a field thanks to a metal detector. Unfortunately, at the time of its discovery, the cup was not what it was.

Do you know why?

Well, this object suffered great damage from plowing the field where it was found! But rest assured, because it did not make it lose its value.

Indeed, the Ringlemere cup was declared as a treasure in 2002; then, it was bought by the British Museum for the sum of 270,000 pounds sterling or about 300.00 euros.

Cliff Bradshaw, the man who discovered Ringlemere’s cut through his metal detector, and the landowners where it was found shared this beautiful sum.

A Chinese vase at 16.2 million euros

Source: Barnes

Sometimes it is in the most innocuous places that one can find treasures. And yes! A Chinese vase abandoned for very long years in an attic has finally found a buyer for … 16.2 million euros!

The precious porcelain object was discovered by pure chance in the attic of a house in France, where it had been languishing since 1947. According to some sources, this vase had belonged to the house’s house’s house’s former owners, who would have received it as a gift.

Did the current owner suspect that this object forgotten by his ancestors in the corner of the attic and covered with dust was of some inestimable value? Maybe yes, because he had the good instinct to contact the auction house “Sotheby’s.”

A precious object of great value

He then went to their office in Paris with the vase placed in a simple shoebox. Seeing it up close, the experts immediately estimated its price: no less than 500,000 euros.

Source: barnebys

However, the vase was worth much more at the auction than that as the auction price exceeded 16 million euros! And it is not for nothing!

This vase called “Yangcai,” that is to say, “Foreign Colors,” had been made in the royal workshops of Jingdezhen and was also characterized by its complex patterns. But above all, he had been made during the Qianlong period, during the 18 century, when they produced unique objects, sometimes only in pairs.

Well then! The house’s current owner’s ancestors must have been unaware of the true value of the vase they owned! Well, if you want to be really lucky like this man, then here’s a little bit of advice! Look carefully in the corners of your attic! Who knows? Maybe there is a treasure there!

A treasure discovered by chance

Source: daily gazette

In 2014, a man and his wife living in California made a beautiful discovery on their property while walking their dog. Indeed, no less than 1400 gold coins, dating between 1847 and 1894, were underground!

A real treasure, the total value of which has been estimated at over $ 10 million! The “Saddle Ridge” treasure, named after the place where it was found, is probably the most important treasure ever found in the United States.

Inestimable Coins

However, many theories about the origin of this treasure have emerged due to this surprising discovery. One of them argues that this treasure could be linked to a theft committed in 1901 at the Mint in San Francisco.

By the way, there are other theories about where these coins came from and how they ended up on this California property. However, none have been confirmed. These coins were invaluable, and that was all that mattered!

In fact, one of the $ 20 coins dating from 1874 was sold for over $ 15,000! The gold coins sold for several million dollars, 24 hours after the auction began.

Fenwick’s Treasure Randomly Found

Source: east

Among the treasures that people discover by chance, there is, of course,, jewelry! Let’s go back to England, this time to Colchester, where a collection of Roman jewelry was discovered one fine day in the basement of one of the city’s department stores.

Called “Fenwick’s Treasure,” after the store’s parent company, this unique collection of gold and silver jewelry would have belonged to some wealthy lady.

Source: eadt

Some sources claim that the latter had fled the Celtic army of Queen Boudicca after taking care to hide her treasure in her house’s basement. The house was burnt down in the year 60. And it was not until 2014 that archaeologists discovered the jewelsredevelopment work.

Rings, bracelets, an armband, and earrings were neatly hidden in a box containing 26 pieces. Fenwick’s treasure was donated to Colchester Borough Council. It was then exhibited at Colchester Castle.


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