Belgium .. 18 people die in a nursing home caused by “Santa Claus”


Belgian media reported that 18 residents of a care home died after being infected with the new Coronavirus, after a visit by “Santa Claus” who was infected.

The newspaper “Daily Mail” said that “Santa Claus” and his team transmitted the infection earlier this month to 121 residents and 36 workers at the care home in Antwerp.

And the tweeters blamed “Santa Claus” after his pictures were circulated inside the care home two weeks ago, coinciding with an increase in deaths inside the facility.

It was revealed that “Santa Claus” was infected with the virus 3 days after his visit, prompting the house’s officials to conduct intensive checks for residents.

On the other hand, the Belgian virus expert Marc Van Ranst doubted that “Santa Claus” is responsible for all infection cases, pointing out that “the number of infections is greater than that of one person.”

Source: “Daily Mail”

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