She is 101 years old … the first to receive a Corona vaccine in Germany


Edith Koizala, from Halberstadt in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, northern Germany, received the Corona vaccine, Saturday, to become the first person to receive it in Germany.

According to Bild, Mrs. Quesala, 101, became the first German citizen to receive the vaccine against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), and she received the vaccine in an elderly home in Lower Saxony, on Saturday, before the official start of the vaccination campaign in the country, Sunday.

Quesada and 40 inmates of the nursing home in Saxony-Inhalt, and 10 nurses working there, received the Corona vaccine on Saturday afternoon, under Doctor Bernard Ellen’s supervision.

Earlier, German Health Minister Jens Young announced that his country is well prepared for the largest vaccination campaign in German history.

“The vaccination centers are ready to start,” said the minister from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, the Christian Democrat.

At the same time, young men made it clear that the Coronavirus will not be defeated with the start of vaccination, “we will need a long breath to overcome this pandemic.”

The vaccination campaign begins in Germany with the “Pfizer-Biotech” vaccine, officially, on Sunday, and the first doses of the Corona vaccine arrived in the German states on Saturday. From there, they will be distributed to vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams.

And the German government decided to start vaccinating people over the age of 80, in addition to care and hospital staff, who are at particular risk of infection.

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