At age 9, Ryan is the highest-paid YouTuber globally

If for many children playing is simply a fun activity, for Ryan Kaji it has become a real financial bonanza. Indeed, despite his young age, his parents simply decided to monetize the entertainment of the young Texan, an idea that they will not regret any time soon.


At just 9 years old, Ryan is now a multimillionaire and for the 3rd consecutive year topped the Forbes ranking of the world’s highest-paid YouTubers, with nearly $ 30 million in income.

Ryan Kaji earns a fortune on the Youtube platform

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Who knew that just unboxing toys on the screen would make a kid a fortune? Certainly not a lot of people! And yet, this activity has made Ryan Kaji the highest-paid YouTuber in the world with more than $ 29.5 million in revenue, with his channel Ryan’s World, even surpassing makeup mogul and YouTuber Jeffree Star.

Launched when he was 3 years old under the original name Ryan toys review, the channel has more than 27.6 million subscribers, and it generated over 12.2 billion views in the space of a year.

Educational and educational videos

The world’s highest-paid YouTuber videos content mostly consists of tests and reviews of different toy brands. In addition, there are scientific experiments for children. In addition, the channel has become a real family business, its parents sometimes appearing in its videos.

Highest-paid YouTuber in the world creates his own brand

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Besides his activity on Youtube and his partnerships, the child is also at the head of a real empire. Indeed, Ryan Kaji has his own brand and offers many products including toys , backpacks, t-shirts, figurines, toothpaste …

Products marketed in major American brands and which are very successful. In addition to that, the young Texan hosts his own show (Ryan’s mysterious date) on the Nickelodeon channel.

200 million euros this year?

Thus, by counting its related activities, it is estimated that the fortune of the highest-paid YouTuber in the world would reach more than 200 million dollars. Eh yes! A real businessman, this Ryan!

Presence of minors on social networks: controversies and controversies

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However, his colossal income has earned him several complaints in the United States. Indeed, many have denounced the presence of secret advertising in the videos of the highest-paid YouTuber in the world. Moreover, an investigation was opened for inappropriate sponsorship and marketing, given its young audience. In fact, around 9% of Ryan’s videos include at least one paid product recommendation. What his parents denied.

At the same time, the massive presence of underage videographers on social networks has raised many questions. In this sense, several questions on respect for the rights of the child and the exploitation of children by parents have been raised. And the Forbes ranking showed the influence children now have on the Internet.

Another child in the ranking

Indeed, Ryan Kaji is not the only kid in this year’s Forbes ranking. There is also the Russian Nastya, aged 6. Being in 7th place, the girl received revenues of around $ 18.5 million.

In addition, Youtube would try to introduce rules to limit children’s income, something it has failed to do so far, given the colossal earnings of the two young people on the list.

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