a large explosion in Nashville Tennessee USA



An explosion described as “large” occurred in Nashville, Tennessee, early Friday morning. City police said it was “intentional,” while media reports said it injured at least 3 people.

The Nashville Police explained that the blast was “deliberate,” adding on Twitter: “The explosion took place at 6:30 am in the middle of the city, and it was linked to a car. We have opened an investigation into the incident with federal partners.”


And local media reported that at least 3 injuries occurred after the explosion, pointing to the authorities’ fear of the presence of another car bomb.

Residents said they felt the explosion in many parts of Davidson County around 6:30 am state time. And the city police said that they had opened an investigation to find out the cause of the explosion.

And local media added that citizens near the explosion site rushed from their places of residence due to the loud sound that the incident caused and the spread of thick smoke.

And Nashville firefighters called on residents of the area to move away from the explosion near a building, calling on citizens to avoid another building to anticipate possible explosions.

The city’s public transportation service said its operations were not affected by the explosion and that it would continue to provide services.

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