An “antique” message to Santa Claus … it is 9 decades old


During excavations in the French city of Strasbourg, archaeologists have found a letter written by a child to Santa Claus in the 1930s without sending it.

General authority for archeology in the French Alsace region said on its Facebook page: “What an amazing coincidence that this message, which did not reach its destination, was discovered a few days before Christmas.”

Archaeologists found the message during an excavation “last week” in Strasbourg’s mills and the neighboring city of Ilkirch-Gravenstaden.

The scientists found family photos, postcards, death notices, identity cards, lunch invitations, and menus with the message.

The message was “still sealed” and addressed to “Santa Claus in Heaven,” who confirmed the child who wrote the message that he “loved him with all his heart,” stressing his desire to adopt “good behavior to satisfy my mother and father.”

In the message, the child asked for a “bicycle” and a “small horse whirlpool” (Carousel).

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