US police are angering the street with a new crime


A dark-skinned man was killed by a white policeman in Columbus, Ohio, the second victim in a few weeks in the United States’ northern city, sparking widespread anger in a country witnessing a movement against police violence.

André Morris Hill, 47, was in the garage of a house Monday to Tuesday night when several bullets fired by a policeman hit him. The police were called immediately to deal with a non-serious accident.

Camera footage shows a pedestrian, Andre Hill, walking towards the policeman, holding a cell phone in his left hand, while his other hand remained invisible.

Seconds later, the policeman fired, and Hill fell, no sound explaining what happened in the last moments.

Police officer Adam Coy and his colleague waited several minutes before approaching the still-alive victim.

Adam Coy’s work has been suspended. According to local media, he had previously faced complaints about the excessive use of force.

Hill, who was not armed, was the second African American to be killed by police in less than 3 weeks in Columbus.

On December 4, 23-year-old Casey Godson Jr. was shot on his way home.

On Wednesday, Ben Cromb, a lawyer who defends several families of the victims, including George Floyd’s family, said: “Once again, police officers see a black man and conclude that he is a dangerous criminal.”

At the end of May, Floyd’s death sparked a wave of protests against racism and police violence in the country.

Ben Crump added that Andre Hill is the 96th black victim of a policeman since the George Floyd incident, denouncing the “tragic succession” of police officers’ incidents.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Gunther declared that he was “shocked” by the death of Andre Hill. He said in a press conference on Wednesday that “it was known to the residents of the house who parked his car in front of him and was a guest and not a thief.”

He indicated that he was “disturbed” even more because the two police officers present did not provide first aid to Andre Hill. He called for “immediate dismissal” of Officer Coy.

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