What is the truth about the image of the President of Algeria kissing the hand of the King of Morocco?


Social networking sites were buzzing with an image that its publishers claimed was the late Algerian president, Houari Boumediene, kissing the hand of the late King of Morocco, Mohamed V, published on the cover of the French newspaper “Le Monde.

The picture, which shows Boumediene kissing the King of Morocco’s hand, is titled “King Mohammed V receives President Houari Boumediene.”

In the comment accompanying the post, he wrote, “800 million Algerian dinars are the deal announced by the rulers of Algeria to those who were able to erase this image from the web … Algerian President Houari Boumediene accepts the hand of the late Mohamed V.”

However, the picture does not show the former Algerian President Houari Boumediene kissing King Mohammed V’s hand, as it turned out that the photo is modified. The original one is published in reports on Morocco. He appears as stated in the accompanying commentary: “Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan kisses the hand of his father, Mohamed V in 2005. 1950..”

The historical events attached to this picture are also false. President Houari Boumediene took power in Algeria in 1965. The King of Morocco, Mohamed V, died in February 1961; it is not possible that the king received Boumediene when he was in power in Algeria.

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