Kushner advises Biden not to rush to a “bad deal” with Iran


A senior aide to US President Jared Kushner advised President-elect Joe Biden not to rush into a “bad deal” with Iran.

In an interview with the Israeli newspaper (Israel Hayom), Kushner said: “The Middle East has become a safer place than the one we inherited because US President Donald Trump stood by our allies in the region.”

Advising US President-elect Joe Biden, he added, “It is important to be patient when negotiating and not rush to a bad deal.”

Kushner described the Trump administration as the most pro-Israel and the most supportive of Arabs and Muslims, and said, “We were the most pro-Israel administration I could think of, but we were also the most supportive of Arabs and Muslims. We built trust by standing with our allies and partners.”

He added, “President Trump has earned the trust of people in the region, and this has given us the credibility to advance our initiatives.”

The senior adviser to the US president and son-in-law said that one of the projects that he “enjoys working on are the Abraham Accords, which witnessed four peace deals between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco.”

On the other hand, Kushner considered that the plan of the Deal of the Century presented by the US President at the beginning of this year is: “It is the most detailed and realistic opportunity to resolve the conflict in decades.”

“In my opinion, it is the only viable plan that can actually improve the lives of the Palestinian people,” Kushner said. “I think at the appropriate time, those who reject the plan will review the plan and appreciate its benefits.”

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