Germany: the first infection with the emerging coronavirus


The German authorities announced, this evening, Thursday, that they had registered the first infection with the new strain of Coronavirus that causes “Covid-19” disease in the country.

The Ministry of Health in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg stated that a woman came to Frankfurt am Main airport from Britain on December 20 and underwent a special examination for the Coronavirus, which revealed that she was infected with the new strain that was first detected in Britain.

The ministry added, via “Twitter,” that the injured woman arrived in Germany to visit her relatives. She went from the airport to their home by a car belonging to them, indicating that the woman is currently undergoing health isolation.

And the British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, announced, on December 14, that his country’s scientists had discovered a new strain of Coronavirus called “B. 1.1.7”, while the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on the 19 of this month, said that it might be more Infection by 70%, according to preliminary data. Still, he pointed out that no data is indicating that this strain is more deadly.

This development led some countries globally, including Russia, to suspend flights with the United Kingdom.

Source: Agencies

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