Finally, Britain and the European Union reach a final Brexit agreement


UK officials announced today, Thursday, that Britain and the European Union have finally reached a final deal on Brexit.

“Reuters” news agency quoted European sources as saying that Britain announced a final agreement with the European Union to exit from the bloc.

And according to “Sky News Arabia”, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that all points of contention had been overcome.

On Wednesday, British media revealed that the British government and the European Union had reached a final trade agreement on Brexit, indicating that work would continue to formulate it.

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson affirmed that his country would not sign any “Brexit” agreement that negatively affects the interests of the United Kingdom, as Britain rejected the conditions set by the European Union, and warned both parties of the possibility of not reaching an agreement.

However, Britain expressed its hope that there would be no relationship between Brexit and the crisis on the borders, calling for a solution to the truck crossing the border today.

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