Faster than a bullet … the fact that a huge asteroid collided with Earth on Christmas Day


Ashraf Tadros, professor of astronomy and former head of the astronomy department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, said that there are more than 20,000 close-to-Earth asteroids known and included in the list of asteroids near our planet, and this list includes all asteroids and comets in our solar system and their orbits close to Earth’s orbit Within 7.5 million km.

Tadros explained in a special statement to the Echo of the Country website that it is expected that 3 of these asteroids will pass during this period, the largest of which will reach about 70 meters in size and its speed reaches faster than a bullet, stressing that there is no need for concern or panic, as the movements of these asteroids are Always spoken.

He pointed out that meteorites sometimes fall to the Earth and rarely cause great damage, and that is why the asteroid (2014 SD224) will cross its way through Earth’s orbit on December 25 at 1:20 a.m. GMT, and its diameter is
About 200 meters, at speeds of more than 35 thousand km per hour.

It passes approximately a million and a half km from Earth, a safe distance for this type of asteroid to pass safely, without a need for worry or panic.

And the NASA Center for Near-Earth Object Studies had detected a large asteroid the size of two soccer fields, as the planet exceeds the Earth on Christmas Day, and its speed is 22,000 miles per hour.

Scientists have named it the asteroid 501647 (2014 SD224), and it was classified within the family of “Aton” asteroids, which are famous for being the most likely type of asteroid to hit the Earth due to its orbit, which makes it very close to our planet.

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