A cyber attack targeting a European court … and Turkey in the dock


In the wake of its verdict calling for the release of Kurdish dissident Salah El-Din Demirtaş after serving four years in prison, the European Court of Human Rights website was subjected to a “widespread electronic attack”, carried out by unknown persons.

A source in the court’s press office said in a call with “Sky News Arabia” that the site was subjected to a cyber attack immediately after the announcement of the ruling on the Turkish dissident of Kurdish roots, Salahuddin Demirtaş, which led to the suspension of access to it for hours.

On Wednesday, the court announced the attack, noting that it coincided with issuing its ruling on the Turkish opposition.

It also denounced the incident which it described as “dangerous”, without providing further details about the attack and who was behind it.

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights condemned Ankara, on Tuesday, with the pro-Kurdish opposition leader Salahuddin Demirtaş, imprisoned in Turkey since November 2016, calling for his “immediate release.”

“The court noticed several violations of European legitimacy of human rights and orders the immediate release of Demirtaş,” a former presidential candidate and one of the most prominent opponents of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, she said in a statement.

The court dismissed no less than five violations of legality in this file and repeated its request to release Demirtaş, 47. The Turkish authorities urged “to take all necessary measures to secure his immediate release”.

“The court believes that Demirtaş’s denial of his freedom, especially during two important campaigns, the referendum of April 16, 2017, and the presidential elections on June 24, 2018, implies an illegitimate goal, which is manifested in stifling pluralism and limiting the freedom of political debate, which are at the core of the concept of a democratic society.

And last June, the Turkish Constitutional Court ruled that Demirtaş’s detention made up a violation of his rights. Ankara accuses Demirtaş of terrorism, and he faces up to 142 years in prison if convicted in his major trial.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the European Court of Rights’ invitation and said in a meeting of his Justice and Development Party deputies in parliament that the court issued a political ruling by publishing its decision before Demirtaş exhausted all his judicial appeals before Turkish courts.

Source: Sky News

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