Video … the first animated movie with a black hero from Pixar


“Soul” takes animated films to a new level, not only because it is the first film in Pixar’s history to feature a mostly black team.

It is also a film that deals with philosophical ideas about the meaning of life.

The movie stars Jamie Foxx, who plays an aspiring jazz musician whose life does not go as he intended.

The movie will air on Disney Plus on Christmas Day.

The film’s voice cast includes Felicia Rashad, Quest Love, Angela Bassett, David Digges, and John Baptiste, who plays jazz in the film.

Pete Doctor, the film’s writer and one of its directors, said it was not intended to be about a black person.

“It was a movie that reflected my personal experience. Then when we chose to make it a jazz player, we felt that the correct and ideal choice was to be black,” he said.

Fox, who won an Oscar in 2005 for his portrayal of singer Ray Charles, welcomed the opportunity to play the role.

“I was longing for people to see the first Pixar movie with an African American hero. That’s what we need,” he said.

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