Two men play chess on a lake in minus 20 degrees … Video


In a strange incident of its kind, two Canadian men were keen to play a game of chess, while swimming in an icy lake with a temperature of 20 degrees below zero, according to the Russian site “Sputnik”.

Two Canadians practice chess in an icy lake

The two young men, called “Ron Batuegas” and “Nick McNaught”, played a game of chess while swimming in an icy lake, according to Medusa, according to Russian Sputnik.



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The video showed the two young men stripped of their clothes and wearing only woolen hats, and the Canadians also used an ice raft to support the chessboard which turned out to be thick enough to support the weight of the board and the pieces.

The two men expressed their satisfaction in the match, which lasted for five minutes, according to what they recalled: “We plan to do that at some point.”

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