Randy Orton sets rival Bray White on fire (video)


Wrestler Randy Orton set fire to rival Bray White during their fight yesterday, Monday, in the Firefly Funhouse Inferno tournament for professional wrestling “WWE.”

To win the WWE show, one had to burn the other.

At first, Bray White, nicknamed “The Find,” tried to burn Randy Orton over a wooden chair that had been poured with flaming material, but the latter managed to correct the situation at the last moments and fled from the chair that caught fire.


But Randy Orton managed to defeat “The Find” in the first “Firefly Inferno” match after he shot him down with “RKO” and then set his body on fire and left him burning in the arena announcing his victory in the fight.

According to the “talksport” website, this particular show was recorded, on Sunday, unlike the rest of the fighting today, as she explained that “The Find” was wearing a jacket that prevented him from feeling burns in any way, confirming that the body that caught fire to close The show was just a doll, not Bray Wyatt.

Source: Agencies

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