Italy: Hundreds of families of Corona victims sue the government


About 500 people whose families died because of the Coronavirus in Italy filed a class-action lawsuit against the government, demanding it pays compensation totaling 100 million euros (over 121 million dollars).

Reuters reported that the civil lawsuit is known as the “Covid lawsuit” will be filed later on Wednesday against Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, and Governor of the Lombardy region in the north of the country Attilio Fontana.

The lawsuit will be filed by the Noi Denunceremo (“We will go to court”) civil committee, which was established last April to represent the families of the victims of the Coronavirus in Bergamo, one of the Lombardy cities hardest hit by the epidemic.

The lawsuit insists that the local and federal authorities have failed to take urgent steps in order to limit the spread of Corona in Lombardy and avoid the scenario of total closure and the dire economic consequences it has brought, besides not preparing any plans to deal with a potential health crisis.

The lawsuit calls on the authorities to pay compensation of 259,000 euros (over 315,000 dollars) for each death caused by the “COVID-19” disease.

In June, the aforementioned civil commission had previously asked Bergamo prosecutors to investigate possible criminal responsibility that authorities bear for mishandling the pandemic.

In the summer, Conte was questioned by the prosecutors as a witness, without any criminal investigations launched against him.

To date, nearly 70,000 deaths from Corona have been recorded in Italy, which is the largest toll in Europe and the fifth-largest worldwide.

Source: Reuters+ rt

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