A rich man in Dubai throws big money from his luxury car in order to increase followers ‘


A video clip of a European businessman in Dubai, in which he threw amounts of euros in the air from his car, at a number of Asian workers who gathered without observing the precautionary measures from the Coronavirus, led to the discovery of a greater crime.

The investigations of the Public Prosecution, which were reported by local media, revealed that the sums of money that the accused had thrown at the Asians were fraudulent, and the purpose of which was to increase the number of his followers on “Instagram“, and the claim before him. Adherents are wealthy and live a life of luxury and luxury.

A businessman throws 50 thousand euros in the sky of Dubai to increase the number of his followers

The accused admitted that the amount he threw on the street, specifically in the industrial zone in Dubai, amounted to 50 thousand forged euros and that he bought it from a seller in a store.

After the seller was arrested, he admitted that he printed the forged amount at the request of the businessman and handed it to him without knowing the reason for using it, while the investigations of the Public Prosecution showed that fraudulent amounts were seized with the businessman and the seller of the dollar and euro denominations.

The Dubai Public Prosecution charged the businessman with possession of $ 750,000 counterfeit dollars seized at his residence, which he had bought through a social media site, and shipped from an Asian country to Dubai, besides the accusation of falsifying 476,500 euros, besides dealing with 50 thousand euros. Forged, which he threw at the Asians in the street.

The Public Prosecution charged the seller with falsifying 476,500 euros, in addition to falsifying the sum of one and a half million euros that he had printed, and he would sell them to the businessman for 1,100 dirhams.

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