With a Moroccan accent … the Israeli National Security Adviser thanks the Moroccans


The Israeli National Security Adviser, Meir Ben Shabat, began his speech at the press conference held this evening in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, in the Moroccan dialect.

Bin Shabat said: “Peace be upon you, and God abounds in your good. We praise God and thank him for the day.”

He added, “We do not appreciate my eloquence, nor do I have a master… Everything is on my face… My words come out of my mouth, and my heart is joyful.”

He concluded his speech by saying: God completes well and rejoices you completely and rejoices us.

Ben Shabat heads the Israeli delegation, which is on a visit to Morocco, a few days after announcing its resumption.

Today, Tuesday, a tripartite joint declaration was signed between Morocco, the United States, and Israel in Morocco’s King Mohammed VI.

The following points came in the announcement:

1- A license for direct flights between Morocco and Israel.

2- The immediate resumption of full official contacts between Israeli and Moroccan officials and the establishment of full diplomatic relations.

3- Encouraging cooperation in economics, technology, civil aviation, visas, consular services, tourism, water, energy, food security, and other sectors.

4- Reopening the liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv.

The tripartite joint declaration also included: “Morocco, America, and Israel have agreed on the following: – Commitment to fully respect, promote and defend the elements contained in this declaration. – Each party will fully implement its obligations and define further steps before the end of next January.”

Prime Minister Saad Eddine El Othmani signed the declaration for Morocco, for the United States, Special Adviser to President Jared Kushner, and for Israel, Meir Ben Shabat, the Israeli National Security Adviser.

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