This is the list of the Israeli delegation,and Tel Aviv relies on Rabat in the peace plan


Hassan kaabia, the spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, revealed the Israeli delegation list that will arrive tomorrow in Morocco, accompanied by an American delegation, to sign bilateral agreements with the Moroccan government.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Meir Ben Shabat, the Israeli National Security Adviser, will lead the Israeli delegation, in addition to a representative of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, head of the Middle East Department of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a high-level director responsible for relations with Morocco, and officials Others.

According to kaabia statements, the Israeli government ministers will not be part of the delegation heading to Morocco. At the same time, Hespress sources suggested that the Israeli-American delegation would receive a royal reception in Rabat.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson said that Tel Aviv acknowledged King Mohammed VI’s “courageous” decision to resume diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Hassan kaabia explained that Moroccan-Israeli relations “are ancient, and they have been strong since the reign of the late King Hassan II,” noting that the previous relations were part of the overt the other undisclosed, as he put it.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman added that “Israel has more than a million and a half Moroccan Jews, and they preserve to the present day the Moroccan traditions in their various lives, including food, singing, art, and dress.” He stressed that the forthcoming agreements are “significant” for the two countries and peoples.

Kabya added that Morocco plays an important role in the Middle East region to promote peace, adding that Israel is counting on the Moroccan role in persuading other Arab and Islamic countries to join the “Abraham Accords.”

In his statement to Hespress, the same spokesman noted that “Morocco and Israel were in diplomatic relations until 2000; But relations have not been closed, especially at the commercial and tourism levels.

Morocco and Israel, according to Hespress sources, sign several agreements in various fields. Most notably, civil aviation, tourism, transportation, water, energy, industry, agriculture, and the economy.

Today, Monday, an American delegation led by Jared Kushner arrived in Israel to hold meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials, before heading to Rabat tomorrow, Tuesday.

The US delegation headed by Kushner includes Avi Berkowitz, the Middle East envoy, and Adam Boehler, head of the American International Development Finance Corporation. While Meir Ben Shabat, the national security advisor, leads the Israeli delegation, and he is the official who headed the Israeli delegations to the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan after the normalization of relations.

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