The theft of the Corona vaccine … Interpol warns of a threat to the world


The Secretary-General of the International Police “Interpol,” Juergen Stock, issued a warning to the countries of the world due to the possibility that Corona vaccine stores in countries could be exposed to burglary and theft.

The official in the International Interpol Police said that he expects an increase in theft crimes, incursions, and attacks on Corona vaccine stores, as vaccines are delivered to countries around the world.

He added that: “European health authorities must issue their decision regarding licensing the first vaccine against the Coronavirus.”

“Criminal groups are trying to infiltrate or disrupt supply chains, such as advertising, managing, and selling fake vaccines,” Stock added.

On the other hand, a new study stated, today, Tuesday, that a fifth of the planet’s population will not receive the emerging coronavirus, “Covid-19”, until 2022.

The study, published by the scientific journal “BMG,” said that a fifth of the world’s population might not receive the vaccine until 2022, even if manufacturing reaches 13 factories, working at the maximum production capacity.

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