Suicide of the transgender high school student: the establishment again indexed


The recent suicide of a transgender high school student sparked a wave of emotions in Lille. However, despite the poignant tribute paid to him by his classmates, the mystery surrounding his suicide persists. And the responsibility of the establishment where she was educated was mentioned again.

Indeed, the LGBTQI + community denounced the teenager’s death and questioned the educational institution, which it considers an “accomplice” in this tragedy.

The high school of Fénelon involved in the suicide of the transgender high school student?

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The suicide of the transgender high school student is the subject of many controversies indexing the lycée de Fénelon in Lille. And the LGBQ community has not been lacking. Indeed, the Inter LGBT association has spoken out on the subject, again involving the establishment. According to her, the institution is “complicit” in the transphobia of the student.

“Denying responsibility for this drama and arguing that the high school student would have had ‘ many problems, ‘the rectorate as well as the association of parents of FCPE students refuse to link exclusion to suicide,” denounces the association.

“The high school has nothing to do with the suicide of the transgender high school student.”

Indeed, following the many accusations, the rectorate of Lille, which confirmed the dismissal of the young high school student following the wearing of her skirt, had defended the school, affirming that until now, nothing allows linking these facts to the suicide of the pupil. He also stressed that the school had supported the student in his desire to change his gender identity.

Transphobia and neglect on the part of the school?

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However, the explanations of the rectorate did not convince defenders of the rights of the LGBTQI community. According to them, there is a “neglect” of trans people by political and administrative officials. And to add: “Too many cases of exclusions, rejections, and non-support have come back to us. This is indeed a recurring rejection on the part of the educational teams ”.

However, “the school”  of confidence, secular and republican “ must be a place of protection of young people, a place of learning tolerance and respect. It is not normal that this student rejected by her family following her trans-coming-out, could not find acceptance and support in her school, ”says the Inter LGBT association.

The suicide of a transgender high school student in Lille: opinions differ

Many students also commented on the subject. Commenting on the video relaying the discussion between the high school student and the CPE, a student said that the counselor did not intend to hurt Fouad. Moreover, he added that management is not necessarily responsible, especially since the transgender high school student suffered from other disorders, whether or not relating to her sexuality.

Towards training for faculty in LBGTQI + business?

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In any case, the debate around teacher training has already started. And for Sophie Vénétitay, from Snes-FSU, the first secondary school union, the institution does not sufficiently train its staff on this issue.

“These subjects have not yet imposed themselves in the educational debate,” underlines the latter. However, “to listen to the students concerned and support them as best as possible, we must be trained,” she explains, in reaction to the suicide of the transgender high school student.

Staff behavior to be reviewed?

For its part, the high school union FIDL said that school staff must review their behavior to avoid blunders that could lead to the worst. Finally, the Education Collective Against LGBTphobias has requested that there be teacher training in LGBT subjects.

So far, the reasons for the teen’s suicide remain unknown. However, the unions advocate reforms in the education system so that this kind of tragedy does not happen again.

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