No evidence … an American official comments on the discovery of a new strain of Corona virus


Moncef Al-Malawi, an advisor to the director of the American Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Distribution Program, said that there is no conclusive evidence that the new strain of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” is more contagious.

According to AFP, he expects laboratory tests to show that the new strain will respond to current vaccines and treatments.

He stressed that: “There is no conclusive evidence that this virus is in fact more transmissible, but there is clear evidence that there is more of it in the population.”

On the severity of infection for the new strain, he stressed the need to conduct more experiments on animals to determine the strength of this strain or not.

About its spread in Britain, he continued that this strain may have spread in Britain for a long time, but the scientists did not start the examination until recently.

Britain announced a new strain of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”, which caused many countries to cut off air traffic to it.

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