It shook Iraqi public opinion… The arrest of the perpetrator of a crime against his sister


Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of a young man who tortured and killed his two sisters in a case that shook Iraqi public opinion.

In a press statement, the Karbala provincial police stated that “Karbala crime-fighting detachments managed, on Monday evening, to arrest the criminal who killed his two sisters a few days ago in Sadr City in Baghdad.”

She added, “The defendant’s confessions were recorded after being confronted with evidence and evidence, to be referred to the judiciary to obtain a fair penalty for his heinous crime.”

This crime shook the Iraqi street. The Iraqis showed solidarity with the two victims Zahra and Hawra. They raised the hashtag (# the right of Zahraa and Hawra) to pressure the authorities and arrest the criminal.


Source: RT

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