COVID-19 infection arrives in Antarctica for the first time


Coronavirus has now infected all seven continents, with 36 infections reported among people stationed at the Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme research base in Antarctica.

After they tested positive for the virus, 36 individuals were transferred to the Punta Arenas region in Chile, where they are believed to be in excellent condition. However, they will remain in constant isolation until they recover.

It is not clear when Chilean officials first learned of the outbreak, and the reporting may have occurred more than a week ago.

Chile replaced the team at the base with a completely new crew, who was required to self-isolate for two weeks and to take a negative “COVID-19” test before traveling to the region.

There are 70 permanent research stations in Antarctica, operated by 29 countries. In order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading to the continent, research projects were temporarily stopped and researchers remained at their bases, instead of traveling to their countries of origin during the epidemic.

Currently, there is no concern that the virus has spread to other bases in Antarctica, where the infected research station is in the far north of the Antarctic Peninsula, which is seen as difficult to reach even from an Antarctic perspective.

And although the virus has been contained, Han Nielsen of the University of Tasmania warned that “the discovery of” COVID-19 “cases in Antarctica will affect a range of areas, from planning and logistics for human activity on the continent to making high-level decisions at home.

Source: RT


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