Because of the new strain of Corona … a harsh decision from the British government


The chief scientific advisor to the British government, Sir Patrick Vallance, suggested adding more areas in the United Kingdom to the closure, placing them on the emergency level 4, which means a comprehensive closure of the country, with the spread of the new strain of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”.

According to what was reported by “Sky News,” Sir Patrick Vallance said that more England areas might soon see tighter restrictions due to the new breed.

Sir Patrick added: “The only information about this virus is that it spreads easily and is more transmissible, and we urgently need to make sure that we have the right level of restrictions in place.”

And the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that more than half a million Britons had received the Pfizer vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, “Covid-19”.

And Johnson said, according to Reuters: “Today, I can announce that half a million citizens in the Kingdom have received the first dose of the Corona vaccine.”

Britain was the first country in the world to adopt the use of the Pfizer vaccine against the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” at the beginning of this month.

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