12 million downloads in two days for a 26-year-old song .. What is the secret?


“All I You For Christmas Is You,” performed by Mirrors of Carey 26 years ago, returned to prominence last weekend.

The song was most downloaded on the music-streaming platform “Spotify.”

On Saturday and Sunday, 12 million downloads were recorded for this song, dating back to 1994, and it became the next most downloaded in the world.

The song also occupied the first place in the US “Billboard” rating, which it topped last year.

On social media, Carrie expressed her satisfaction with the “sustainable success” of this song.

Many artists worldwide have presented their own versions of this song, which occupies a major position in playlists on music platforms during the Christmas period.

The song’s use in the closing scenes of “Love Ackley” with Hugh Grant, which is widely re-broadcast annually during the end-of-year holidays, contributes to the spread of the song that entered the popular music culture in terms of Christmas business in the past two decades.

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