Teen kicked out of high school for putting nail polish on

Trevor Wilkinson, a 17-year-old schooled in Clyde, Texas, was kicked out of high school for putting varnish on his nails. For its establishment, this exclusion was motivated by the regulation, which prohibits boys from putting color on their nails.
But for the young boy, this measure is discriminatory. He then created an online petition to fight this injustice. Today, Trevor still receives a lot of support.

Three options

Thus, on December 3, the headmaster of his school gave him the choice between 3 options. Take off the polish to go back to class, take the online classes from home until Christmas vacation. And finally, keep the polish and stay suspended. Trevor Wilkinson opted for the third option.

Excluded from his high school for having put varnish: A petition launched

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However, for Trevor Wilkinson, this was an unfair exclusion. He therefore launched an online petition on the Change.org platform. In this petition entitled “Allow men to wear nail polish”, the teenager explains his situation.

“It’s a double standard because girls have the right to paint their nails,” he denounced. He also underlines “I am a gay man and I am more than proud”. ” Freedom of expression must be enough to prove that the dress code and the regulations in force are not correct,” he said.

362,000 signatures

And to continue: “it is unfair and unacceptable. Help me show that it is okay to speak out and that the identity that society wants to normalize is not acceptable. I am a human being, I am valid. I shouldn’t have any problem getting my nails done ”.

Today, this petition has already received more than 362,000 signatures and even the support of the Abilene Pride Alliance, a local association for the defense of LGBT rights .

Excluded from his high school for having put varnish: a firm decision

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For its part, the establishment which excluded the teenager for having put nail polish refuses to comment on his case in particular. “The school board does a dress code review every year,” Kenny Berry, Clyde District School Superintendent, said in a statement.

Before continuing: “this revision process results in the development of a dress code which will be systematically implemented and applied during the following school year”.

No makeup or nail polish

In the press release, we also read that “the district cannot share any information about a particular student. The district appreciates the comments and contributions on this issue received from community members, and will take them into account during the annual review ”.

Indeed, in the student manual, it is written that boys should not wear makeup or put on nail polish. So, can this mention soon change? It’s possible! But for now, the teenager is currently still excluded from his high school for having put nail polish.

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