Paris opens an investigation after racist insults against the Miss France runner-up


In Paris, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced Monday that an investigation would be opened against “insults of a racist nature and incitement to racial hatred” against a mistress of the beauty queen.

Anti-Semitic comments spread over the past two days on Twitter following the selection of April Pinayum as the first female runner-up for Miss France.

During the election ceremony, the young woman spoke about her father’s Israeli origins, which was met with a wave of offensive comments that were widely condemned by the French political class.

The Minister Delegate for Citizenship Affairs Marilyn Schiappa informed the Public Prosecution in this regard. In statements to the “BFMTV” news channel, she said: “Some tweets are still published, and this is not acceptable.”

The minister stressed the need for “social networks to assume their responsibilities.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Paris stated that the Anti-Persons Anti-Persons Unit was tasked with following up the investigation to determine the identity of the authors of these comments.

“This is an indication of those who drafted these letters to say that calling for hatred and making these kinds of anti-Semitic statements is not normal, since they, I hope, will be prosecuted and held accountable for their actions before the courts,” Schiappa added.

Justice Minister Eric Dupont Moretti warned that the judiciary would “closely monitor” those who incite anti-Semitic messages. At the same time, Interior Minister Gerard Darmannan expressed “deep shock” at these comments, stressing that “the police and gendarmerie are on alert.”

In statements to La Provence newspaper, the first runner-up, April Pinayum, expressed her regret “because these matters are still happening to us in 2020,” stressing the need to “mobilize forces to stop this.”

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