A new strain of Corona .. Important statements from the British Minister of Health


British Health Minister Matt Hancock has expressed his expectation that restrictions will continue to be imposed on London and the southeast of England for some time to stop the fast-spreading new strain of Coronavirus, as the number of cases of Covid-19 virus rose by record numbers in one day.

According to Reuters, the British Minister of Health defended the decision to re-shutdown during the Christmas celebrations, saying that evidence showing that the new strain was causing a significant increase in infections prompted this measure to be taken.

And the British authorities announced that a new strain of the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” had been found in the country, which is a rapidly spreading strain by between 40 and 70%.

Several European countries, including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium, said they had decided to prevent the arrival of travelers from Britain, including bans on flights and trains.

And British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to impose a fourth-degree state of emergency to prevent the outbreak of the new strain of the emerging coronavirus, “Covid-19”.

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