US military officials are calling for a separation between the National Security Agency and cyber command


The American Wall Street Journal reported that several officials from the Ministry of Defense are pressing for the official separation of the National Security Agency leadership from the US electronic command.

The newspaper pointed out that the proposal to divide the two agencies before the end of US President Donald Trump’s term and the installation of a civilian at the head of the National Security Agency is facing resistance from lawmakers in Congress.

Sources told the newspaper: “It is also not clear how the separation can take place legally, without the administration proving to Congress that some of the conditions required by law have been met,” according to Russia Today.

The sources added, “The plan was circulated in recent days, and it is under study among Pentagon officials.”

A US official confirmed to the newspaper that “the plan is supported by Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, who was installed in the Pentagon in early November.”

The same source added that “the plan is a revised version of the first proposed in the Pentagon by Defense Secretary James Mattis at the time.”

The aforementioned official indicated that he would hold a “meeting next week to discuss the proposal.”

The newspaper pointed out that “this step, which officials considered in recent years to be controversial because it may lead to the politicization of intelligence information produced by the National Security Agency, is one of the main pillars of susceptible information for the US military, and it will constitute a comprehensive restructuring of intelligence and cybersecurity agencies. Amidst a change in departments. ”

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