Trump denies discussing imposing martial law for re-election


US President Donald Trump denied on Sunday that his aides had discussed imposing martial law and deploying the army to rerun the elections.

And American media reported that the former advisor to the president for national security, General Michael Flynn, who proposed this idea, was present at a meeting during which it was discussed.

Former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn had called on Trump to declare martial law, suspend the constitution and make the military rerun the elections it lost to President-elect Joe Biden.

This comes just days after he was granted a presidential pardon, as Flynn pleaded guilty to the charge of lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia during the transition period.

Flynn said: “When lawmakers, courts, and Congress fail to fulfill their duty under the Twelfth Amendment, the president must be ready to announce a limited form of martial law immediately, suspend the constitution and temporarily suspend civilian oversight of these federal elections, and order that the military oversees a re-vote on National level. ”

He added, “If Trump does not do so, he risks civil war, and the vote must reflect the true will of the people and ensure that fair elections are held, without computers but a manual dimension with both sides watching each vote.”

He suggested that “registered voters only vote with an identity card to prove residency, then only the winning candidate can be accepted as legitimate.”

Failure to do so may lead to widespread violence and destruction at a level not seen since the civil war, and it is clear that martial law is a better option than civil war.

Trump insists that the presidential election was rigged, despite losing all of the lawsuits he filed in US courts, alleging widespread fraud.

The electoral college recently approved Biden’s victory in the elections. At the same time, Trump indicated that he would not leave the White House on the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

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