The fall of a lighting tower in the Stade de Lorient in France causes the death of a worker (photos)


Lorient, a French club employee, was killed when a giant lighting structure in the club’s stadium fell on him after losing 3-0 to Stade Rennes in the league on Sunday.

The British newspaper “Daily Star,” which quoted French media, said that immediately after the match against Rennes, a large lighting tower fell over one of the team’s assistants and died after being transferred to the hospital.

Medical staff and firefighters tried to rescue the man, who was initially left in critical condition. Still, those in the “Postwar” stadium were unable to save the man, who eventually died.

Rennes Stadium won a 3-0 victory before the unfortunate incident that prompted fans from all over the world to send their condolences on social media upon hearing the news.

One of them wrote on Twitter: “My sincere condolences, may God have mercy on him,” while another said: “Terrible news, rest in peace.”

It is expected that the investigation of how the structure (the tower) fell in a rare and truly catastrophic manner on the worker, who was reportedly one of the individuals responsible for tending the lawn as part of his post-match assignment, is expected.

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