Japan: A clinic for damaged lint

In Japan, it is now possible to entrust damaged lint to a clinic. This offers both local interventions, such as eye operations, as well as top-to-bottom restoration.
As astonishing as it may seem, this “health” establishment has even been very successful since its opening. However, a tailor-made treatment can cost more than 4,000 euros.

A clinic for damaged lint

Source: ozone

Natsumi Hakozaki had the astonishing idea of ​​opening a clinic to treat fluff exclusively. Indeed, after working in a clothing repair shop in the city ​​of Sendai, Japan, she noticed that there was a high demand in this niche.

Today, she says, “Customers view their stuffed animals as a family or close friends, not objects. After their repair, I saw a lot of owners hugging them while crying ”.

Operations, transplants, and restorations of all kinds

And for a good reason! This clinic offers several services. For example, she performs local procedures, such as “eye operations” and hair transplants in sparse areas. But also top to bottom restorations.

Thus, the customers who bring their soft toys to this clinic are at least numerous. Among them, Yui Kato, 24. This young woman explains, “I thought I had no choice but to throw it away because it was so worn out (…). I came here in the hope that she can regain her health ”.

Soft toys are treated as if they were alive.

Source: ozone

Therefore, to restore this young woman’s plush, Hakozaki begins by making her take a special bubble bath after removing her old padding.

Then she prepared a new body made of fabric and paper for the plush and new cotton filling. Finally, the last touch is to put back the “heart” of the plush, composed of pink fabric and part of its old padding, so that it retains its “soul.”

Conquered customers

In the meantime, each step of the treatment is photographed, and the images are published on the clinic’s website. The goal? Well, just so the owners of the plush toys can go through their recovery process.

Which is, of course, surprising! Especially since everything is done to treat the fluff as if they were alive. Thus, customers are all won over by the result.

A clinic for damaged lint: treatments costing more than 4,000 euros

Source: Laprise

So much so that, since the installation of the clinic in Tokyo, Hakozaki repairs 100 soft toys per month with five other “doctors” in his establishment, and the waiting list is full for the whole year.

However, tailor-made treatments cost from 10,000 to 500,000 yen, or more than 4,000 euros, depending on the treatment required. But money doesn’t matter in this kind of situation. As a result, Yui Kato paid 100,000 yen, the equivalent of more than 800 euros.

“She is a full member of the family.”

It assures in this sense: “my memories are more important than the money.” And she doesn’t have to think so. Another client of the plush clinic, Kota Sano, also has a strong bond with “Racchan,” his 40-year-old plush sea ​​otter. “She is a full member of the family,” he says.

Moreover, the attachment to soft toys is not limited to Japan. According to Hakozaki, requests also come from Taiwan, France, and even the UK. It must be said that this fluff clinic is very successful.


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