Corona around the world … Canada exceeds half a million injuries and a record number in South Korea


The latest global statistics related to the emerging coronavirus showed that the number of infections has risen to 76 million and 626 thousand and 187 infections.

The number of deaths rose to one million and 691 thousand and 942 deaths, while the number of recoveries reached 53 million and 751 thousand and 200 cases on Sunday.

In this report, Al-Ain News reviews the latest developments in the emerging coronavirus around the world:

Canada exceeds the threshold of half a million infections

..On Saturday, Canada crossed the threshold of half a million new cases of the Coronavirus, a week after it crossed the threshold of 400,000 infections, indicating the acceleration of the country’s epidemic as the end of the year approaches.

As of midday, Canada had recorded 500,242 cases of (Covid-19) and 14,128 deaths, according to official figures reported by the public “CBC” television.

On Saturday, the most populous province of Ontario counted 2,357 injuries, while the Francophone Quebec region recorded 2,038 injuries in a record daily toll.

As of Saturday, 4,125 deaths were recorded in Ontario and 7,715 deaths in Quebec.

The infections in Canada, inhabited by about 38 million people, increased from 400 thousand to 500 thousand within 15 days, while the country did not reach the threshold of 100 thousand infections until mid-June, 3 months after the emergence of the virus.

As a result of the acceleration of the epidemic’s outbreak, the Ontario government announced at the end of the week the extension of the quarantine imposed for about a month in its center and a large part of the region until January 4.

Corona in France

According to official figures published on Saturday, the number of (Covid-19) infections recorded in France is still higher than 15,000 per day.

The number of new infections reached 17,565 during the last 24 hours, compared to 15,674 injuries the day before.

On the other hand, the number of injured people in the resuscitation departments continues its slow decline, reaching 2718 (123 of whom were received during the past 24 hours) compared to 2764 the day before, according to the Public Health Authority numbers.

The peak of the injuries that require admission to the resuscitation departments was recorded during the second epidemic wave on November 16 (4,903 injuries).

The percentage of positive tests remained stable at 5.6%, compared to 5.9% the day before. The rate reached 6.4% on December 8, before a different census methodology was adopted.

And 190 people died due to the virus in hospitals on Friday, out of a total of 60,418 deaths since its appearance in March.

France is supposed to start the vaccination campaign against (Covid-19) in the last week of this month.

South Korea sets a new record

.South Korea set a new record for the number of daily new infections with the new Coronavirus within 24 hours, to record 1,097 infections, after the number reached its peak on December 16 at 1078 cases.

And the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency announced, on Sunday, that among the new cases, 1072 cases of local transmission of infection and 25 cases were imported from abroad, bringing the total number of infections to 49,665.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, the agency announced 15 new deaths during the past 24 hours, bringing the total deaths to 674.

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