15 people who did some really stupid things

A woman who kills herself looking inside a gun, people setting their buttocks on fire, a soldier playing the clown, or a man who stuck his head in a microwave.
Make yourself comfortable and admire these nuggets. Here are the 15 dumbest people in the world! Like what it is not enough to have done long studies …

Source: Windsor star

In November 2013, at a zoo in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, a Bengal tiger attacked a handler who is part of the family of the late crocodile hunter and wildlife expert Steve Irwin.

The animal violently attacked the man named Dave Styles while he was in his cage performing a show. The tiger jumped on him and punctured his head and his shoulder. He then dragged him into a swimming pool and bit his neck.

A small mistake that almost cost him, dear

Fortunately, the victim was quickly rescued by his colleagues at the zoo. Then, he was taken by helicopter to a hospital, where she underwent numerous operations. According to media reports, several dozen people witnessed the attack.

Upon investigation, zoo officials said Styles was wearing a poncho. And that the tiger had surely confused him with his favorite toy. Not very smart!


The head of a stupid person is stuck in a microwave.

Source: indianexpress

Ah, social networks it has become a real drug these days. And also a virtual world that pushes us to splurge! Between stupid jokes, stupid pranks on Youtube, unusual and dangerous challenges… young people are now more exposed to danger sitting on their sofa than standing on the sidewalk of their street!

The worst part is that they are becoming more and more dependent on it every day! And it is not this young man who will tell you the opposite!

People use microwaves to reheat ready-made meals and to make great express muffins. Or to reheat the rest of the pizza from the day before! This boy, he found a whole other use in the device! And for once, I would say that he did not heat his neurons for long!

When he wanted to challenge a video to get as many “likes” as possible, a young Indian man living in the UK had the ingenious idea of ​​placing his head in a microwave. And then coat the noggin with cement to make a mold.

But where does this crazy idea come from!

And to accomplish such a feat, the YouTuber got help from his friends. They then introduced him to an air tube so that he could breathe (anyway). And they covered her head with a plastic bag and then filled the microwave with cement!

But their attempt to create a cement mold backfired. Indeed, the young man got stuck in the device and could not withdraw. After a 90-minute struggle with his friends trying to help him free himself, emergency services were called for help.

The latter then recommended to friends not to unlock the boy at the risk of creating further damage. Firefighters from the Fallings Park Community Fire Station rushed within 5 minutes of the call to save the 22-year-old. After 30 minutes, the Indian finally managed to be released.

It then turned out that the young man who runs the YouTube channel TGFbro had agreed to do a challenge called “Almost Die,” which consisted of doing dangerous things, which brought their author closer to death. To have the most views and likes.

Never do such a thing.

Firefighters said it was their duty to come to the aid of people in distress. But the fact that they saved this man prevented them from going to the aid of other people in distress—the latter who did not “desperately” put their lives in danger for others’ entertainment.

The craziest in history and probably the dumbest thing is that this accident did not prevent the young man from posting the video on his Youtube channel. A video that has been viewed several million times.

And be careful, never try to do such a thing at home. If a man could be saved, there is no guarantee that another person can be too! You have been warned!


The stupid walk of a soldier

Source: Youtube

There are valiant, courageous, tenacious, and fearless soldiers. And… there are some hopelessly stupid soldiers too! Look at the images! This soldier has not found a better idea to make the company laugh than to clown during the march’s solemn moment!

Some people did a stupid thing, give a gun to a monkey.

Source: Youtube

Do you know the proverb that says, “Monkey, you will always be a monkey”? Well, I would say that these men are and will always be stupid!

To give a shotgun loaded with bullets to a monkey who does not even master his own gestures is that there are only two possible explanations: either these men are the kings of fools, or they were really looking for a way to die stupidly!

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