Two-headed kitten was born in the United States


To say the least atypical, this kitten has two noses, four eyes, two mouths, but only four legs. Very quickly, he became a star on social networks.

However, this sporadic and almost unique feature is a congenital disability. Thus, this kitten, unfortunately, could not survive very long.

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In the United States, a kitten, born in Oregon, received two first names: Biscuits and Gravy. The reason? Well, this kitten was born with two heads. Indeed, when their cat gave birth, the King family members saw that one of the litter’s kittens was one of a kind because he was suffering from microscopy.

This is a congenital anomaly that gives cats “Janus,” named after the two-faced Roman god. So, the two-headed kitten was born with two noses, four eyes, two mouths, four paws. And only one brainstem.

Meowing and eating at the same time

However, he can eat, suck, and meow using both mouths. His owners have even realized that he has a special gift of meowing from eating simultaneously. In fact, the King’s family vet said Biscuits and Gravy “could each eat differently, meow.” They were in good shape at birth ”.

As a result, its owners have decided to create Instagram and Facebook pages, where they regularly post photos and videos of this singular kitten and talk about his daily life.

A two-headed kitten: low life expectancy

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However, they were well aware that the two-headed kitten could not live very long because of its abnormality. The father of the family thus assures us, “we are not very optimistic, but he seems quite lively, he has an appetite and seems to be doing well.”

Plus, according to the King family, there’s actually not much to do medically other than help him eat. Therefore, Kyla King feeds the kitten because it cannot breastfeed properly. She also keeps it warm in a pocket in her fireplace.

But despite his owners’ best efforts to keep him alive, the two-headed kitten was unable to survive because of his congenital disability. Indeed, supporting two heads was too difficult.

The two-headed kitten is dead.

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Yes, after just a few days, the owners of Biscuits and Gravy reported on the Facebook page that the atypical little kitten is dead. “He ate well and did his needs a lot. But he was not growing, ”they said.

Before adding: “It was difficult for such a small beast to grow up with such a big head and two faces.” Nevertheless, the King family is already lucky that this special cat could live for several days. Especially since Janus’ cats only have one brainstem and usually do not survive more than a day ”.

A Janus cat lived 15 years.

In contrast, a two-faced cat, named Frank and Louis, lived for 15 years, until 2014, despite the congenital disability. This feat has earned him to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

However, if Biscuits et Gravy died after just a few days, he is still a social media star. After all, it’s not every day that a two-headed kitten is born.

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