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Mileydis Aldana: Colombian woman killed after beheading owl on video

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The murder of a Colombian woman, which caused an uproar months ago on social media, after she beheaded an “owl”.

And Mileydis Aldana (21 years) was killed in a shooting from a speeding car in her hometown, in what he described as an “assassination accident.”

The accident occurred on Sunday, when two men on a motorbike shot the woman near her home in Corozal, the Colombian state of Sucre, apparently as compensation for the beheading of the “owl”.

Mileydis Aldana was seen with the beheaded “owl” holding its head, carrying a bottle of wine.

The newspaper “Daily Mail”, reported that the assassination took place at about five o’clock in the evening on Sunday, when the two men, who were on a motorcycle, fired six shots at it, before they fled.

And last June, a video of a Colombian woman beheading an owl spread, prompting police to question her, after the Colombian Environment Agency received a torrent of complaints.
According to a local prosecutor, she was the subject of an investigation into animal abuse.

In the weeks before the woman was killed, she received a number of threats on social media. But the police have not yet established the official motive for the killing.

Animal lovers expressed on social media their happiness at the killing of the woman.

According to the New York Times, Colombia has seen a spike in mass killings recently.

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