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Handball World Cup Medical Committee: More than 30,000 pcr analyzes performed during the tournament

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Hazem Khamis, head of the medical committee for the Handball World Cup, said that for the first time, the World Cup would be held in the presence of international visitors, commenting: All teams will be placed in one hotel, and we will prevent exit and entry during their time in Egypt.

“Khamis” continued during his telephone interview with the “Khabar Al-Youm” program broadcast on the “ONE” channel. A medical plan has been drawn up and presented to 32 countries, and all the countries agreed to it.

He added that the plan is implemented before the teams arrive in Egypt, as the teams will be quarantined 4 or 5 days before they leave the country and PCR analysis for all players and technicians.

He continued: The bubble system will be applied to all teams, commenting: More than 20 or 30 PCR analyzes will be performed during the Egypt tournament.

And he went on: The volunteers and stadium workers will be quarantined with the teams during the tournament period. We hope that this system will not be penetrated, noting: There are more than 5 isolation rooms inside the hotels for the teams.

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