Chicago police video shackles a dark-skinned nude woman in anger in the state


Criticism of the authorities continues in Chicago’s city, after the release of a video showing the police handcuffing a naked black woman, following a case linked to a mistake in identification.

Chicago State Mayor Laurie Lightfoot told reporters that she felt “disgusted” after watching the video that showed the American lady, Anjanet Young, handcuffed and naked after a mistaken raid by the state police, describing the raid as a “catastrophic failure.”

The mayor of African origin continued her comment on the video by saying: “I could have easily been me,” adding: “We can improve our performance as a city.”

City’s lawyers also tried to prevent the video from being published, according to Agence France-Presse.

Kenan Salter, Anjanet Young’s attorney who has filed a lawsuit with the police department, said that if Young were “a white woman, she would not have faced the same treatment.”

“The policemen viewed Young as being inferior to humans,” he told CBS 2.

And a video of the police raid on the house of the American, Anjanet Young, was broadcast on CBS 2 Chicago, where the policemen’s cameras show police officers storm the house and forcefully break the door, and then handcuff the 50-year-old social worker, who is She stands naked in the living room.

The woman’s voice is heard in the recording shouting, “What is going on? What are you looking for?”, Adding her assertion that the police are wrong by saying: “You are in the wrong house,” and adding, “Oh my God, this cannot be true” and “How is it?” Is this legal? ”

The same channel pointed out that the police searched for a suspect residing in the same apartment complex in which Young lived and obtained a sum of money at the address that turned out to be “wrong.”

For her part, Young confirmed to the TV network that she had just returned from work and was undressing in her bedroom when the police stormed the place.

It is worth noting that the US police raided the black-skinned woman’s house on February 21, 2019, but the video was not released until recently.

The policemen left the scene after the raid ended, as they confirmed that the address was wrong, while one of the officers apologized to Young, while others tried to fix her broken door.

Source: “France Press”

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