Bolsonaro to his people: If the Pfizer vaccine turns you into crocodiles, that’s your problem


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro launched an attack against “Covid-19” vaccines without hesitating to claim that the “Pfizer” vaccine could “make a woman’s beard grow, and turn someone into a crocodile.”

“In the contract with Pfizer, they say very clearly: We are not responsible for any side effects. If you turn into a crocodile, that’s your problem,” Bolsonaro said during a speech in Porto Seguro, in northeastern Brazil.

He added, “If a person becomes Superman or a woman grows a beard, or a man starts speaking in a female voice, they have nothing to do with that.”

Bolsonaro assured, “The vaccine, once approved by the health agency Invisa, will be available to everyone who wants it. But I will not receive the vaccine … Some say that I give a bad example, but to the fools and the idiots who say this, I answer that I have already contracted the virus and have antibodies. Why should I get the vaccine?

Bolsonaro fell ill last July and recovered after 20 days without showing severe symptoms.

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court in Brazil decided to make vaccination against “Covid-19” mandatory despite the president’s reluctance, but without it being forced.

The decision means, “The authorities will not be able to use force to force a person to take the vaccine, but they will be able to impose a fine on him or prevent him from going to certain public places.”

Source: “AFP”

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